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Getting the ideal garment that is both the style and the fit that you want isn't always about buying something and getting it altered, sometimes you just need to get it made just for you.

We offer a bespoke dressmaking and tailoring service that includes designing, pattern cutting and making up of the garment, and ensuring that you get the best personal fit. We make daywear, evening wear, bridal and formal wear all made to measure for our clients.

For potential designers we can make up your sample from your design but we are not a manufacturing service.


Alterations can be something as simple as shortening a hem or having something tailored to fit (although not all hems are simple- Mary Portas’ hatcheck girls (below) had 18” cropped off their hems, on a full circle skirt that's quite a bit of yardage!).

Buying clothes and getting them to fit is sometimes a difficult thing to achieve. Only a small percentage of the population is an exact industry size so what you buy on the high street may fit but not be the best fit for you. It may need to come in a little, be let out a little require more shaping here and so on.

So for something to fit well it needs to be tailored to your contours: whether its your day wear or your wedding outfit, or a tweak to a sample ready for a photo-shoot.
This is a service that we are happy to carry out.


Transformations are alterations that become so radical that we have transformed an outfit into something with a completely different fit and look.

We have transformed: vintage kimonos into alternative dresses; a standard lapelled double breasted coat into a funnel-necked coat; reshaped bust lines; waistlines and dress shapes; added ribbons and loops under wedding dresses for them to be bustled-up later in the day, re-arranged a gathered empire line dresses into box-pleated gowns to hide a baby bump, and lots more.

 To see more of our tailoring work please look at our Facebook Album (here)